Liz in the USA

Places to go

Posted in Uncategorized by mynameisliz on May 6, 2010

10 places I want to visit when I go to America:

1. Las Vegas

2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – got to visit this place!

3. Los Angeles – a beautiful city

4. Hawaii – is it just me, or is this one of the most ideal places to go on vacation?


5. Chicago

6. San Francisco – the most beautiful city on earth, in my eyes. its the love of my life

7. New Jersey

8. New York City

9. Seattle ( haha, I’ve probably seen to many episodes of Grey’s anatomy )

10. Orlando, Florida ( DISNEYLAAND )

Could you help me; what places is worth visiting when you’re in the States?

Have you visited some of these places?


Hi my name is Liz

Posted in Uncategorized by mynameisliz on April 13, 2010

well, my name isn’t just “Liz”. Thats more like a nickname. My whole name is Elisabeth Annie. I made myself this blog so that I can tell you, whoever is out there, about my life before the year in USA and the year in the States. Next year, next fall, to be exact.. that’s when Im moving to the big country. The United States of America, aah. It sounds so amazing. Scary, but still.. amazing. I am really looking forward to it. And that’s why I created this blog.

There might not be too many updates, because Im running my own blog on a norwegian page. But I’ll try. So just be patient.

Tell me about you. Is there anyone, anywhere out there?